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Namirial Digital Transaction Management – Get Documents Signed. Anywhere. Anytime.

In everything we do, we believe in simplifying the way business gets done by transforming slow, complex, costly, manual and paper-based processes into frictionless and adaptable digital ones.

Namirial is a software company that develops and sells its own enterprise solution for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) through direct and indirect sales channels. Among other services, Namirial DTM provides IT solutions to capture legally compliant electronic signatures, manages and tracks the flow of documents between contractual parties, conducts secure document-based transactions, and guarantees the secure storage of data.

Sign it! Share it! Store it!

Namirial is a DTM vendor that integrates products from the following two core areas:

  • An omni-channel enterprise software solution for e-contracting that can even include cases of multiple uses within a single transaction. The e-signature and workflow products that implement this are sold under the brands xyzmo, SIGNificant and eSignAnyWhere as an on-premise or Cloud-based SaaS solution.
  • A Qualified Trust Service Provider that operates as a separate business unit called Namirial Trust Service Provider (TSP), which is a certification authority for (qualified) eIDAS-compliant trust services such as digital signing certificates, digital remote signature, qualified time stamps and digital archiving for more than 500,000 customers.
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Both parts, the e-contracting solution and the trust services, can be used together or independently of each other. The advantage of the combined solution is that it is pre-integrated and tailored to the strengths of each other.

Namirial is uniquely positioned as a leading provider in the DTM market thanks to this seamless integration of an omni-channel e-contracting solution that supports all types of signatures and deployment methods (on-premises, in cloud, or hybrid) with a qualified trust center and services that are certified by eIDAS legislation.

To understand the breadth of a DTM solution like Namirial’s, it’s important to understand how to categorize business processes according to certain key requirements. Overall, these requirements can be grouped into the following categories:

  • The use case, i.e. the specific context in which the e-signature is executed,
  • The legal signature level, which defines the legal validity of the e-signatures,
  • The user experience, i.e. how the user interacts with the business application to execute the signature,
  • E-signature technology,
  • The document model,
  • The deployment method.

The Namirial DTM solution ticks the boxes on the key requirements for each of these categories.

The most popular use cases of e-signature solution

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The required legal level an e-signature needs to achieve mainly depends on the following two factors:

  • The country in which the e-signature is executed,
  • The business process that would be digitalized upon completion of the e-signature

In all EU countries, the e-signature law has changed in line with the eIDAS 910/2014 EU Regulation that went into effect on July 1, 2016: