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E-branch office is an innovative solution. It is a remotely operated sales and service department that provides all attributes of traditional service while reducing the costs of set up and operation.

Benefits of the e-branch office:

  • Lower cost of set up:
    • Much lower site adaptation costs
    • Smaller overall space required
    • Very low infrastructure space required
  • Reduced operation cost:
    • Flexible staffing
    • No customer – no staff
  • 24/7 availability
  • Improved service consistency
  • No staff health and safety regulations applied
  • Mobility
  • Dynamic management of the site outfit
  • Active marketing campaign management

The e-branch office is inexpensive and powerful. It can operate as a portable kiosk and be placed in customer traffic locations. This way, we can reach traditional customers not using electronic channels. We consider no self-service processes in the e-branch office, hence it is not an alternative to digital channels, but rather for traditional branches.

In the remote service e-branch office, the client is interactively served by the image of a company staff displayed in the whole form in a 1:1 scale. The client sees and hears the employee, the employee sees and hears the client and performs standard sales and service processes.

The e-branch office equipment enables identification of the client based on data scanned from the ID card (new clients) or data provided by the client (existing clients). The company staff conduct sales by presenting and explaining the offer while displaying details on a screen in the front of the client (build in the surface of a counter). Sales person can display all necessary documents and present them for client signature (biometric e-signature), can even collect or print paper documents if required in the similar way as in the traditional office.

An ATM is recommended as additional equipment to the e-branch, allowing cash handling operations (cash withdrawals and deposits). The e-branch has all the attributes of normal, direct client service.

Below is an example of an e-kiosk visualization in a shopping mall. With the use of video conferencing and remote desktop technologies we can follow the standard bank’s client interaction activities, even supporting non-standard requests.  Remote service e-branch can be also a cost attractive alternative to traditional branch office. A company may consider hybrid branches where remote service personnel is supporting a traditional branch staff in high time.

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Using the e-branch solution a company can centralise sales and customer service processes, managing them in more efficient manner. The advantages of sales by e-branch/e-kiosk are:

  • Effective and active acquisition of new customers passing by e-branch
  • Centralization of the most effective sales forces in the company’s video centre
  • Increase sales effectiveness – providing comfortable conditions for effective work and the elimination of idle time (no transfer time),
  • Central management of sales and service processes and simpler improvement of business process standards.
  • Presence in new locations, not economically justified so far: eg. airports, railway stations, public buildings.
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The visible components of the e-branch office facilities uses digital marketing and digital signage displays. Therefore, we can remotely change the kiosk’s decor by “one click”, changing the displayed content. This feature allows the e-branch to be shared by various companies, respectively to the client’s needs. For example: in one moment the branch office can be a bank and in the next moment we can turn it to insurance office.