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An interactive document (eg e-invoice, e-bank statement, e-policy, etc.) is a solution for creating personalized mass documents for consumers in the form of an HTML 5 file that can be delivered to clients as an attachment to e -mail or downloaded from the website. Such a document has enriched functionality encouraging interaction and supporting new transaction (cross- and up-sales). The interactive document supports the migration of clients to digital communication channels.

See how an interactive document can look like and don’t hesitate clicking on its contents:

Measurable benefits of using an interactive document are:

  • significant reduction in the cost of printing and handling of documents
  • enhanced attractiveness and readability of the document through contextual explanations of the data and information in the document;
  • enabling a multi-channel contact with the customer: calling a videoconferencing session or chat with a company staff;
  • facilitating contact with an appropriate product expert or a specialized service staff to speed up sales or customer service;
  • providing transaction details on a click;
  • easy access to information required by the client – referral to relevant content of the company website;
  • proactive new sales promotion message tailored to client’s situation (based on the account balance, products held, etc.);
  • product/service component simulation mechanism supporting new sales;
  • reducing the call-centre traffic by providing better understanding of the document content;
  • enhancing company’s image as innovative organisation
  • environment protection marketing (no paper consumption).