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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation, is the use of the latest technologies – software robots to perform repetitive, rule-based processes that have been performed so far by people on their PCs / workstations.

In this way, we automate processes and we do not integrate IT systems. As a result, we do not need programmers to automate the process, as we do not change the source code or the configuration of existing applications. Robots, similarly to human employees, run only in the presentation layer of systems. Robotic process automation has the greatest application in the back-office processes: billing, accounting, reporting, controlling, in many areas of business operations. By implementing RPA technology, our clients get virtual employees and acquire competences in process automation. After the automation of the first group of processes they can manage processes and virtual employees and automate further processes independently. Such a virtual employee is a universal employee, because we can teach him how to implement many processes and, for example, he can carry out, for example, an accounting process, at other times the HR process and still help in sales settlements. As the global experience shows, wherever the RPA solution is implemented, the processes in various organisations are:

  • Faster: the speed of activities performed by virtual workforce is much faster than the speed of the same activities performed by people. There are known cases where processes previously taking several days or even weeks could be cut to even few seconds.
  • Cheaper: buying a robot license and hiring it to perform processes is much cheaper than the cost of hiring employees to handle the same activities.
  • Higher quality: it is a human thing to make mistaken and the robot does not make mistakes! Robot improves data quality and process quality. When automating processes we simplify and put them in order.

RPA enables a triple-win situation in the company. RPA brings value to customers, employees and shareholders.

Customer value:

  • Improving service quality
  • Faster delivery of existing services
  • Improved service consistency
  • 24/7 availability
  • New services online quickly
  • Enhanced customer experience

Employee value:

  • No more boring, repetitive, thoughtless activities
  • Gained new skills
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Proud to work in innovative company

Shareholder value:

High first year ROIs

Operational efficiencies

  • Increased compliance
  • Increased scalability
  • Increased adaptability
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Competitive advantage

We automate processes bas Whyed on the Blue Prism, technology platform. Why?

  • Blue Prism is a precursor of RPA solutions and has introduced this acronym for solutions automating processes and it has been adopted by the world market.
  • Proven technology, operating in many companies, regardless of the industry.
  • The established position of the market leader among RPA technology vendors.
  • Scalability of the solution: you can start with one robot and automate one process and gradually expand the use of virtual workforces in your organization. The largest Blue Prism users employ already over 1000 robots.
  • Free trial technology. Before making a decision on the purchase of the new technology, we offer a Proof of Concept project to quickly show how efficiently we teach the virtual workforces to perform existing process tasks.
  • Security of the solution – the Blue Prism application increases the level of data security and system security.
  • Auditability of performed activities in Blue Prism output log, which is built directly in the application control room with a time stamp for each activity performed by the robot.
  • Centrally managed work of robots and process execution. Blue Prism offers unlimited scheduling of virtual workforces and load balancing.
  • Flexible workload management. One robot can perform many processes (sequentially) and many robots can perform the same process (in parallel).
  • Optimisation of the robot farm performance. In a mass use of virtual workforce we can appoint one of them to monitor the other performance constantly and adjust their work to optimise the robotic processing capacity
  • A clear licensing model – when you buy a robot license, you get the full functionality of the software; there is no need to buy additional tools or applications. As part of licensing fees, you also receive software vendor standard support service.
  • Specialized tools for recognizing external applications in various technologies
  • IT infrastructure flexibility – the software can be installed on premise or in the cloud.
  • Compliance with internal procedures and external regulations – Blue Prism records every robot activity, so the full audit of automated processes is ensured.

Please see videos showing how the solution works:

If you are convinced by these arguments, or you have doubts or questions, please contact us. We will explain, show, teach and then implement it efficiently.

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