• We enable your digital transformation

    We optimise business processes and help building operational excellence.

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  • We enable your digital transformation

    We optimise business processes and help building operational excellence.


Szybko wdrażamy rozwiązania zwiększające zadowolenie klientów, inwestorów i pracowników

We have optimised business processes for more than last 20 years

We know the way to deploy proven technologies in making business processes:


We eliminate unnecessary activities in processes, we automate repetitive processes which allows to significantly reduce the costs of processes. The electronic signature enables the true implementation of the paperless office concept.


Thanks to getting rid of paper documents and enabling remote signing of documents, we shorten the transaction times. Process automation delivers virtual workforces performing tasks faster than human workers.


Virtual workforces don’t mistake, so we avoid human errors in the processes. In addition, we can use them for data cleaning. We ensure full process auditability and compliance with internal procedures and market regulations.

We implement business digitising technologies professionally, quickly and in reasonable budgets.

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We are business pragmatic.

Before we start the implementation, we analyze business needs of our clients and together we adjust relevant solutions. We estimate the costs and assess benefits from implementing the solution. We provide the basis for putting together the project business case.

During implementation projects, we train our clients’ employees and help developing their process excellence competences to enable their further process improvement independently.

We ensure a safe way familiarization with proposed solutions by offering a non-investment pilot implementation or a proof of concept exercise.

We help in selecting right processes for digitization, we support our clients in managing their change. And we share the best practice know-how in operational excellence.

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We specialise in operations optimisation.

We’ve been on the market since 2011.

Digit.on is created on the merger of Lighthouse PL and Lighthouse-IT Port.

Solutions we offer need no excessive budgets and we deliver them quickly, as we deploy proven technologies and work methods.

We are implementation partner to world technology leaders:

Our strengths:

  • Many years of consultancy and implementation services gained in the top consulting firms: Deloitte, PwC, KPMG.
  • Our team members have over 20 year experience in business process improvement.
  • Solid management experience – we employ local and international managers, and seasoned project managers.
  • Impressive solution implementation experience gained in working for technology firms on projects delivered to large organisations of various industries.
  • Pragmatic approach to projects we deliver: we focus on tailoring our solutions to our clients’ organisation culture specifics and we help them growing their skills and competences necessary to continue their process improvement initiatives.

Our clients

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